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Design and Illustration are my Passion

I'm a professional illustrator and designer specializing in illustration and surface design.
Based in El Salvador, in the heart of Central America I work for both local and international clients.
With over 20 years of professional experience I had worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in the areas of brand identity, packaging, and Coffee table book design and illustration.

I had sold and licensed my creations for apparel, paper products, branding industries, among others. As a way to participate in the development of my community, I had been teaching at top universities in my country for the past 20 years. Deeply passionate about illustration and drawing, I think that during rough times, some people write, but I prefer to draw. I love illustrations because they are worth a thousand tears or a million smiles. To me, there is no better way to express feelings!

All art is available for license or purchase. To see more of my extensive collection please contact me at larisa@larisahernandez.com

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Larisa Hernández
P: (503) 7850-3533